After 10 years of operation, something new is coming.

Kalinya means good, beautiful, and honest in Yorta Yorta. Born and raised on Kulin land, Kalinya was created by Jirra Lulla, a Yorta Yorta and Wiradjuri woman.

Spanning industries with relationships formed over decades, Kalinya tells the stories of our people, our permanence, and our power.


Through a curation of people and place, we create environments where ideas come alive, where friendships are formed, and decisions are ours to be made.

Layered with generations of knowledge

Where industry is woven with culture,
and community breathes life into buildings.

accumulated knowledge
is power

We collaborate with First Nations people across nations, nurturing ideas that will shape the world of tomorrow.

We exist in a world of possibilities, where culture and Country drive decisions.
Space for the collective, for our creative and economic freedom, or space to simply breathe.

Our people