Balit Durn Durn

Posted 25 Mar 21

Balit Durn Durn: VACCHO’s Report to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

Balit Durn Durn  is Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation’s report to the
Royal Commission on Victoria’s mental health system, which was tabled in the Victorian Parliament
in February 2021. This is the first-time lived experiences have been treated as evidence in a Royal
Commission, and Kalinya was engaged to gather these stories. Both heartbreaking and inspiring,
community members shared deeply personal experiences of the mental health care system in the
hope of seeing widespread reform. Balit Durn Durn (meaning strong brain, mind, intellect and sense
of self) aims to provide an overview of Aboriginal Communities’ experience with the current mental
health scheme and offer Aboriginal-led solutions, including the establishment of on-Country healing
centres to support resilience, healing, and trauma-recovery through fostering connection to
Country, kinship, and culture.