Posted 1 Jul 19

We are passionate about First Nations entrepreneurship and work closely with LaunchVic Victoria’s startup agency. LaunchVic was established by the Victorian Government in March 2016 as an independent agency responsible for developing Victoria’s startup ecosystem. 

In 2019 Kalinya was engaged by LaunchVic to research and map the Victorian Aboriginal entrepreneurial ecosystem, and to research ways to inspire and engage the next generation of Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

Our findings showed that Aboriginal entrepreneurs are purpose driven. Founders start businesses to strengthen and promote culture, to look after community, to create economic freedom and prosperity and to be role models for future generations.

And it’s working. We interviewed and surveyed 12 – 25-year-old Aboriginal people and asked them about attributes of entrepreneurs, they said entrepreneurs are “creative and care about community”. Young aspiring founders want to start businesses to help people.

Our research concluded that young Aboriginal people are inspired by people who give back to their community and that they believe all entrepreneurs are (or at least should be) social entrepreneurs.