Posted 25 Jan 18

I was invited to speak at Purpose 2016, the values-led business conference. I had attended the event in 2015 where I was excited to find a growing non-Indigenous business sector with similar values to Aboriginal led businesses; people over profit, environmental sustainability, and positive impact.

Indigenous people who have endured colonisation always walk in two worlds, trying to juggle Indigenous value systems while creating economic sustainability within capitalist structures.

I am passionate about Aboriginal entrepreneurship, and the way we can utilise the knowledge of our Ancestors and our contemporary experiences to create solutions to Australian concerns.

Rather than talking just about Kalinya I wanted to explore the idea that our Ancestors started the value-led sector in Australia thousands of years ago, and that we have a very relevant place in this growth industry.

I wrote a piece for The Guardian on this topic, you can read it here

By Jirra Lulla Harvey