Kate ten Buuren

Posted 29 Jul 16

Kate ten Buuren is one of the passionate and creative team members that help make Kalinya happen. The 22-year-old Taungurung artist, writer and filmmaker, has a passion for working with people to share their stories.

“Story telling is an intrinsic part of our culture. So it’s only right that we would want to tell our stories, from our perspective.”

“Too often we see Indigenous people being spoken about and not to, and it’s my priority to work with those people who want to share their knowledge and history with their families and community.”

“We all have incredible stories to tell, we just don’t all have the platform or confidence to share them.”

Kate is currently studying a double degree in Arts and Visual art at Monash University and is also a part of Footscray Community Art Centre’s Blakstream program.

Over the course of two years she will be mentored through Blakstream in the start up of an arts project of her choice.

Being in a university environment, and being one of the only Indigenous students in her course, Kate has seen gaps in mainstream education programs that can have isolating affects on people with different experiences and backgrounds.

“Imagine learning weaving, or how to make a possum skin cloak in a university setting!”

“For me, it’s about decolonising the white space that artists are forced to exist within if they want to be a part of the art industry. Breaking down the barriers that separate community art from fine art, and making the art world more accessible to groups who are too often excluded from these spaces.”

Kate is working on a project that will see an art space and residency program for emerging Indigenous artists to participate in, that will also opens its doors to the public for workshops in areas covering a range of art practices, Indigenous cultural knowledge, business, writing and more.

To see how this project progresses, visit the Emerging Cultural Leaders exhibition at Footscray Community Art Centre in November!

Photo: Sarah Ujmaia